Research - 12 08/01/19 Denim, Part Two



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Repulsive internal flesh can extrude to the outside of the lobe if the ear is stretched too rapidly, called "blowout", a vile visualisation of material being stretched further than its kinetic potential. This ring sitting on the lip of another larger ring could be an intriguing way to fuse the lycra and denim whilst generating new silhouette research; I intend to attach the two together loosely, to observe for any imperfections with gravity involved, such as the appearance of this body modification catastrophe, to inspire an intriguing subversion in what seems to be a fluid, consistent exploration of fabric kinaesthesia.

Dayak Women: Weighted Lobes


 Delving into further global beauty standards, Dayak Women introduce tiny weights as a means of heightening sex appeal, something rather bizarre to observe as it is arduous to image the ear to be construed as sexy to anyone. I've never seen skin succumb to gravity so extremely; I'd be interested to observe whether denim reacts in the same way is this flexible organ, as I have deduced that it is notorious for its lack of malleability. 

Facilitating Stretch: Inspired by Lip Plates



Using a deconstructed easel and old tyre, I was pleasantly surprised with how the denim incorporated such awkward geometrics, however the structure was intricate and fragile: any sudden movement could cause the contraption to ping back to its original state. As a result, I would like to research more into ways that others manipulate material so that its stretch withstands the test of time, as, although I'm really satisfied with the innovative form unexpected from denim, it lacks any sense of permanence as an outcome.

Surma Tribe: Lip Plates



Struggling to really pull apart this denim, despite making holes, stretching and securing with nails, I still felt as though it could be pushed to its limits even further. So, I looked into means of how other facilitate stretch, discovering the lip plates of the Surma Tribe. Competitive stretching to achieve the biggest bottom lip intends to attract a partner, such an extreme flirtation technique according to the Western world. The utilisation of household objects has pushed me to consider things lying around my own home to better achieve elasticity with a stubborn, rigid material such as the lip.

Phil Cosker (2008) Denim: The Fabric Of Our Lives


Discovering the extent of denim's durability was something I found really intriguing; I love the thought of a fabric standing the test of time, as so often, cloth is stereotyped with connotations of fragility; testing denim's kinetic potential could be interesting to explore. Because my research is stemming from quotes, I'm struggling as to how to approach documentation of my starting point in my sketchbook; I think I'm going to attempt to use drawing as a means of reinforcing spoken word, illustrating the situation, which will enable me to also practice my fashion illustration, something which I want to desperately improve on. 






Draping: Blowout












 The way in which the contraption reacted to gravity like the weights made for really intriguing form, the lycra's pull on the denim inferring it had a matching fluidity. I would like to revert back to a smaller scale in order to interpret blowout more intricately, to allow me to reintroduce the weights to hopefully heighten this strong inference of stretch transferred to the denim from the lycra. The imperfections in the quick joining of the two enabled further stretch in terms of the introduction of the body, which I liked; with my sample, I think it might be intriguing to introduce an additional element of elasticity instead of settling for just two, to see how form is affected as a result.